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Thursday, 26 June 2014 14:14


When it comes to support for seniors and caregivers, it matters where you live – and Connecticut is better than most places. According to a new, comprehensive state-by-state Scorecard from AARP, Connecticut ranks 12th in the nation in meeting the long-term care needs of older residents and people with disabilities.

Even with the solid showing, AARP officials stress that more needs to be done, especially as the state’s 50-plus population continues to grow. Specific areas cited include more support and training for family caregivers, and easing patient transitions to and from the hospital or a skilled nursing facility.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014 14:37

UPDATE:  Appropriations & Judiciary Committees 4/22/14 Forum on the “Justice Reinvestment” Approach to Managing Prison Costs & Maintaining Public Safety featuring CSG Justice Center Director Mike Thompson:

Click HERE for video and pdf of the presentation.

You can also find on the Building Bridges Revisited site: HERE

Monday, 24 February 2014 17:21

A windfall in tax receipts from last year's buoyant stock market run has created a tantalizing mirage of fiscal stability for Connecticut. Don't be fooled.

Although the higher-than-expected tax receipts do indeed offer a brief respite, we shouldn't delude ourselves into believing our state's fiscal challenges are suddenly solved. Nor should we kid ourselves that our fiscal problems were caused by the Great Recession and ensuing slow recovery.

The Great Recession merely unmasked, once again, the pernicious triple threat to Connecticut's economic viability. We spend more than we can afford and invest too little in our infrastructure, all the while repelling the wealthy and the entrepreneurs with our onerous tax policies. They opt for elsewhere, the downward spiral intensifies and we gradually slip into the "economic cul-de-sac" that development strategist Michael Gallis warned us about more than a decade ago.

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