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Transportation Authority

There is wider talk occurring at the state capitol and on the campaign trail about the creation of a state transportation authority as a means to keep transportation funding safe from the legislature. The speaker of the House is the most vocal supporter of the idea and his remarks this week may signal the debate ahead.


Green Fund Campaign

A group of lawmakers and advocates are hoping to win restoration of green energy funds stripped last year in an effort to balance the state budget.


Trinity College Announces Partnership With CT21

The Connecticut Institute for the 21st Century has entered into a partnership with Trinity College in Hartford as part of joint effort to continue providing quality and timely data-driven policy guidance to Connecticut policy-makers.


Malloy's Light Touch

According to Governor Malloy's budget director, the governor took a "light touch" to the two year budget passed by the legislature last fall when proposing changes to be made this year.


Partisan Gridlock?

A report from the suggests partisan differences may make it difficult for the legislature to balance the budget over the next three months.


New Taxes Proposed

As part of his final budget proposal Governor Malloy is suggesting new taxes and less spending.

He is also asking lawmakers to make tough decisions on the budget in an election year for the good of the state.


Last Try

On Wednesday of this week Governor Malloy will deliver his final proposed budget to the state legislature. Technically it is a series of budget adjustments to the current two-year spending plan.

Malloy's scheduled budget speech on Wednesday might be used as an exit interview during which the out-going chief executive describes a vision of the state moving forward and the challenges for the next governor and future legislatures. Going in, it is considered unlikely the legislature will embrace any bold proposals from the governor. There are three reasons: It's an election year. The legislature is nearly evenly divided. To finally reach agreement on a budget plan last year legislative leaders had to work around the governor essentially ejecting him from the process.

The dynamics favor limited forward movement between now and the legislature's adjournment in early May.

Toll Due

Governor Malloy is expected to join the debate over highway tolls in Connecticut as he unveils a transportation plan.

The governor is expected to say he favors using electronic toll systems to adequately fund needed improvements to roads, bridges and other transportation systems.


No Cuts Here

Governor Malloy is not the first governor to ask his commissioners for proposed spending cuts only to be answered with requests for spending increases.

With less than a month to go before the governor's final budget address one report suggests he is not getting much help from his agency leaders when it comes to cutting spending.


Transportation Taxes

Funding for the state's transportation fund, including tolls and higher fuel taxes, are expected to be a major point of discussion in the next legislative session which begins in two weeks.


Expanding Economy

New figures concerning economic growth in Connecticut are promising, but as is often the case there is at least one other way to look at the numbers.


Job Gains

 After months of job losses Connecticut created 6,000 jobs in the month of December.